Title: SAVE ANGEL HOPE (2007)
Year: 2007
Companies: Vanquish Alliance, Thema Production, Tricksfilm Production GmbH, IMS 6 LLP, T Films, Great British Films, Enigma Pictures
Cast: Billy Boyd, Bernard Hill, Alice Evans, Luke Mably, Tim McInnerny
Producers: Adam Betteridge, Guy Collins, Jimmy de Brabant, Michael Dounaev, Terje Gaustad, Chris Kenny, Kim Leggat, David Rogers, Michael Ryan, Ashley Sidaway, Heinz Thym, Robert Zipser
SA Film Locations: Kwazulu-Natal (Greig served as line producer in Seychelles)

A comedy about a runaway charity fraud. 'Angel Hope' is a fictitious nun, a little like Mother Teresa, only much younger and prettier, who works at a fictitious hospital in the South Pacific which is destroyed by a fictitious hurricane, triggering the charity campaign to rebuild it. Needless to say, there are no more plans to rebuild it than there was a hospital in the first place. The film finds our hero, Vince, the fraudster, about to make the biggest score of his life. But he faces a choice: either get away with the cash or give it all up for love.