HOLBY CITY - EPISODE 38 [TV Show] (2008)

Title: HOLBY CITY - EPISODE 38 [TV Show] (2008)
Year: 2008
Companies: BBC Drama
Cast: Patsy Kensit, Luke Roberts, Duncan Pow, Rod Hallet, Quanitia Adams, Clayton Evertson, Jodi Abrahams, Bronwyn Van Graan
Producers: Myar Craig-Brown
SA Film Locations: Cape Town, V & A Waterfront, Signal Hill, Kayalitsha

Linden and Joseph follow Faye to Cape Town after receiving a distressing phone call from her. Joseph claimed he'd given up on Faye, but decided to go to Cape Town. Once there, they found the cleaner who revealed that Faye had been taken away by Lucas' henchmen, Gavin and Johnny Boy. At the township, Linden and Joseph were held at gunpoint, but eventually freed. Faye apologised for lying, she came to Cape Town looking for Lucas, who had taken her son. They rushed to the hospital where Lucas had taken Archie for a risky operation.